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Another “A Florida Man” classic. The Smoking Gun reports 20 year old Cody Meader was shopping at the Pinellas Park Target store Tuesday afternoon when apparently the mood hit. He spotted a large stuffed animal from the movie Frozen and couldn’t resist the urge to put Olaf down on the floor and “dry hump” the thing until … well, you know. They say after he “finished,” HE PUT THE STUFFED TOY BACK ON THE SHELF. Cody was feeling extra frisky because instead of leaving, he was ready for round 2 when he spotted a stuffed unicorn that was rather attractive. He began to have relations with it as well. The St. Pete man is reported to have admitted the acts and conceded that it was stupid. His father didn’t seem terribly shocked by the news, telling police Cody “def has a history of this type of behavior.”

As you can imagine, Cody is now a social media punchline.

Source: The Smoking Gun