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An Arkansas woman arrested on drug charges has given police a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why she had meth in her system: her brother had fed her a “meth sandwich.”

Hot Springs resident Elizabeth Marie Catlett, 29, and her brother, 33-year-old Don Russell Furr, were taken into custody early Tuesday morning after a police officer spotted Catlett driving without headlights. Although Catlett reportedly claimed neither she nor her brother had drugs on them, the officer found a bag filled with smaller baggies, meth residue and a straw on her, according to her arrest report. She told the officer someone else “had put it there.” The cop then found a meth pipe coated with residue in the glove compartment, according to the report.

As Catlett was being arrested, she told officers if she “pops hot,” it’s because her brother “fed her a sandwich that contained methamphetamine” — and then added he may have spiked her beverage, too, her arrest report reads. The siblings face a litany of drug charges. Catlett’s bond has been set at $14,500, while Furr’s has been set at $13,500.