A Clearwater man who was upset at how close a boater was to his dock exchanged words with the man and then pulled out his laser pointer.

Police say 67-year-old Laszlo Kulscar aimed the pointer at the boater, which is a felony. Clearwater police arrested Kulscar on Saturday night on a charge of misuse of a laser lighting device.

Police department spokesman Rob Shaw said while these cases generally make headlines when pilots of aircraft are targeted, blinding a boater can also be dangerous.

“Think about it. If there had been another boat coming, he’s piloting his own boat. He could have crashed into another boat. He could’ve crashed into a dock,” said Shaw. “He could have crashed into a seawall. The possibilities are endless.”

Shaw added if the boater were in the wrong, Kulscar should have pursued other avenues rather than taking matters into his own hands.

Deputies released Kulscar from the Pinellas County Jail early Sunday morning after he posted a $5,000 bond. A woman who answered the door at his waterfront home said he was not available.

Source: WFLA

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