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Jeff Zito

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With her son turning 18, an Australian mother wanted to do something special to celebrate her boy becoming a man.

While he may have loved the gesture, those on the internet weren’t so impressed with the mother’s gift.

The unnamed woman stuffed a glass cookie jar full of useful items such as chewing gum, a little bit of money, condoms, and mini bottles of booze for her 18-year-old son.

Sharing photos of the gift to a Facebook message board, many of the comments called the present “inappropriate,” “weird,” and “distasteful”. Clapping back, the mother replied, “I didn’t think I would get this much hate from so many prudes.”

However, there were a few fans, mostly dads, who replied with praise. One wrote it was “awesome yet simple,” while another admitted he would steal her idea.

Does she get Mother of the Year or Fail of the Year? At least she’s setting him to be smart and safe.