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Sean Roberts

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With Hurricane Dorian no longer a concern for Florida residents, many are left with sandbags after the storm. But before you throw those sandbags away, here are some important tips for what you should and should not do with all that sand.

Hillsborough County recommends keeping and storing clean sandbags in a dry place so you can be prepared for the next storm or potential flooding.

Those who don’t want to keep the bags should spread the sand on lawns or landscape beds. But, as officials say, sandbag sand is different from beach sand, and should not be dumped on Florida’s beaches.

“Sandbag sand and beach sand are not compatible,” the city tweeted. “Sandbag sand can cause issues for turtle nesting.”

DO NOT dump your sandbags on the beach. The State of FL owns and regulates the sand on beaches. Sandbag sand and beach sand are not compatible. Sandbag sand can cause issues for turtle nesting. Hold onto your sandbags, at least until hurricane season is over

The state of Florida regulates and protects sand on the state’s beaches. It is also worth noting that it is illegal to remove sand from the beach; those who do can be fined or even arrested.

Source: Channel 13

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