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There’s a real estate listing for a mansion in South Australia that’s going viral right now . . . and not because of how nice the house is.

It’s because the listing features pictures of some rooms in the house full of FREAKY, TERRIFYING things like scarecrows, evil dolls, fake spiders, and more decorations that give off a real “you’ll get murdered in your sleep” vibe.

It’s not clear WHY the woman who owns the house has all that stuff, like if they’re Halloween decorations or she’s just got strange taste in collecting.  It’s also not clear if you get to keep all the stuff if you buy the place.


'Wait, what?' Terrifying room spotted in Aussie mansion real estate ad

This probably isn't quite what prospective home-buyers are expecting to find when they're scrolling through the real estate listings, looking for their dream property. On the outside, it's a beautiful bluestone mansion well-placed in Adelaide's leafy eastern suburbs. But, the interior looks more like the set of a horror movie.