A 17-year-old motorcyclist was shot in the arm by a driver who said the teen hit his car multiple times and then tried to stop him from leaving, according to Tarpon Springs police.

The driver called 911 after he shot the motorcyclist in the right bicep.

The driver said his 9-year-old son was in the passenger seat when about 20 motorcyclists appeared on U.S. 19. It’s unclear what lead up to the altercation, but the driver reported he shot the motorcyclist in self-defense after one or more motorcyclists hit his vehicle several times.

Police said the motorcyclist drove himself to a hospital. He was discharged the next day.

Arriving officers said the motorcyclists left the scene before they got there.

The incident is still under investigation. Anyone who witnessed the group of motorcyclists traveling southbound on U.S. 19 or has information about the shooting is asked to call Detective Lemmon at 727-938-2849 ext. 1636.

Source: Channel 13

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