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“Hey, do you think a man who butchers a woman and then eats her heart and brain is thinking correctly?”  That’s the question an Indiana jury will have to answer in deciding the fate of a 38-year old man who allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend and ate parts of her body.

The man went to his 46-year-old ex-girlfriend’s house to “talk some sense into her” after he was dumped in 2014 and instead held her captive and raped her.  A week later, after the woman had changed her locks, the man kicked in her door and stabbed her 25 times while she was in the bathtub.  He then ate several of her organs and left her for dead.

The man was ruled competent to stand trial last July but now his attorney says that he suffers from mental illness and is delusional, thus making him incompetent to answer for his charges.