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Sean Roberts

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Developer Ben Mallah has purchased a large chunk of John’s Pass that includes Hooters, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., and the Friendly Fisherman for $17.2 million dollars.

John’s Pass Village is one of Florida’s most iconic beach communities. On any given day, you can watch dolphins and manatees swimming in the pass just feet from the boardwalk.

“It’s been in a slump since the 2008 crash,” Mallah said. “We are going to come in here we are gonna give this place a bunch of TLC. We are gonna make repairs, clean it up, get some paint on it fill up a lot of the empty space that is here bring in some more attractions.”

Mallah said before buying the property, he spent a lot of time talking to business owners and getting their input on what could be done to revitalize the area.

Renovations should take about a year.

Source: WFTS

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