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When the wife of a Florida police officer found a photo of him in an advertisement for a dating site, her husband couldn’t explain it. Now, he’s suing over it.

The lawsuit claims the officer became “furious that his photograph had been misappropriated.” The husband and father is now suing the company for ripping a picture from his Facebook account to promote its website.

Fort Lauderdale-based attorney Manuel Hiraldo, who’s representing Guzman, provided an example of an ad seen on Instagram. The user UniformDatingcom posted an image said to be of Guzman, identifying him as “Jason, 33” and “Single.”

“Bulletproof vest? Nah, it’s all muscle…” the caption reads.

The cop’s lawsuit claims the company used his photo in several Facebook and Instagram ads when acquaintances told him his picture was being used. When his wife questioned him, Guzman “had to explain to his wife that he had no idea.”

“Furious that his photograph had been misappropriated and that he had to explain to his wife why he was appearing in a dating service advertisement,” the suit says Guzman sent an email to NSI Holdings to demand “the immediate removal of his likeness” in advertisements.

The company neither it nor its employees are Facebook friends with Guzman, and the company doesn’t have access to his photos. During its own investigation, the company claims to have found a user profile, personal email address and other identifying information related to Guzman and his profession on the dating site.

Given that, the company argued Guzman “himself — or at the very least, someone who knows” him created the profile.

Guzman is asking for “statutory damages, actual and punitive damages” and restitution of the company’s “unlawful proceeds” of using his image.

The website has asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, saying the ads were taken down within days of the request.

Source: WTSP

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