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So, the Lost Prophets were just starting to explode after their hit “Last Train Home” in 2004.  Just 9 years after that song was released, the world found out that the sick lead singer used to try and hook up with young women who had young children.  This sick f@#k wanted to do some unspeakable stuff with these children.

Now, Ian Watkins, the former vocalist for Lost Prophets who is serving time in a maximum-security prison for 13 counts of child sex offenses, must have really wanted to see his mother.  Word got prison guards that Watkins had a cell phone in prison, which is a big no-no, and Watkins said he would give up the phone as long as he could still see his mother who was visiting that day.

The guards agreed and Watkins pulled a small cellphone out of the back of his pants, revealing that he had been hiding the phone inside his anus.  According to the prison report, it took Watkins approximately ten seconds to get his phone from, well, ya know.

Watkins must serve at least 29 years behind bars for plotting to rape children as young as one-year-old.  He recently told the court he was afraid of being attacked in prison.