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TAMPA, FL - AUGUST 26: A general view of the skyline ahead of the Republican National Convention being held at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on August 26, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. The RNC is scheduled to convene on August 27 and will hold its first session on August 28 as Tropical Storm Isaac threatens disruptions due to its proximity to the Florida peninsula. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

I love this piece… this guy gets us! It already has over 25,000 views in just a couple days. It’s a great list of tips for Tampa visitors. I’m not gonna lie his voice kind of got on my nerves, but all of his points are valid. In fact, even locals I think could learn a few things from this video. But if you’re visiting, or know someone who will be, show them this video! Here are some of the bullet points that I gave a standing ovation to.

Don’t call it Tampa Bay.
If you really are staying in Tampa Bay, bring a kayak and a waterproof suitcase.

Don’t stay in just Tampa.
Visit the sponge docks. Go to a beach in Clearwater or St. Pete. But if you’re coming to Tampa, rent a car and see the good stuff.

Don’t expect to get around easily with public transportation.
Nuff said.

Don’t expect great drivers.
Florida drivers are not the best. Plus with all the tourists, we have plenty of people driving cars they don’t know on roads they don’t know.

Don’t pass up on having a Cuban sandwich.
Now the debate begins… which one should you have?