(Photo by Graeme Robertson/Getty Images)

Woman Attacks a Hospital Worker with a Used Sanitary Pad

Woman arrested after hitting hospital worker with used sanitary pad she pulled from her pants!

A Florida woman checked into a hospital emergency room for treatment.  While in the hospital the woman attempted to steal several sets of hospital bathing clothes and slippers (a value of approx. $11).

After attempting the hospital gown heist the woman then reached down her pants and pulled out a sanitary pad and hit a hospital employee with it!  The woman was arrested and charged with battery on health service personnel.


Woman arrested for hitting hospital worker 'with a used sanitary pad'

Florida woman Coffii Castellion, 29, was arrested on Monday after she allegedly hit a hospital worker with a used feminine pad She took herself to Mease Dunedin Hospital to receive emergency care But once inside she stole several hospital bathing cloths and slippers estimated to be worth a combined $10.79