Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Toe Tagging Is Popular (And Illegal) In St. Pete

Toe tagging is big in St. Petersburg, but it's not what you think. Toe tagging is another name for reckless or erratic driving by young drivers who follow each other at high speeds through the streets of St. Pete. Passengers often hang out the windows at the same time.

It happens mostly on Friday and Saturday nights. Residents have taken video of the dangerous driving on cell phones and even drones. Toe Taggers are notified about when and where to meet via social media.

The St. Petersburg police department is aware of the "toe tagging" problem. “Once they meet there, they usually line up, follow each other, driving erratic, hanging out of windows, sunroof, and things like that,” said Lt. Anthony McCoy.

Captured drone video shows police cruisers arriving, lights flashing, while the law breakers jump curbs and go the wrong direction in traffic to escape.

“When you call the police, they show up, they shoo them away and they're back an hour later,” a resident said.

Source: Channel 8