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Forget flowers for Mother’s Day, I am getting one of these for the house.

We will say it’s a gift for mom but this will really be a two birds with one stone situation. Don’t call me girly, I just like my drinks.

Keurig became famous for their single serving coffee makers but now they will be making the drink we start the day with the drink we end the day with.

Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig is making it’s way to Florida, where it’s launching a new high-tech drink dispenser. With a concentrated flavored-alcohol pod and the push of a button, the machine can whip up a craft cocktail in seconds from a Moscow mule or a mai tai to an old fashioned or gin and tonic. This is frickin’ awesome man. I need this in my house yesterday!

Drinkworks sold out within hours during its St. Louis pilot in November. The upcoming Florida launch will be Boston-based Drinkworks’ biggest yet. Davis said a lot of Floridians make up their key demographic: people who like to entertain guests and love a mean cocktail. He isn’t wrong!

Just this week, shoppers in Florida could order the machine online. On May 20, select retailers in Sarasota will carry the machine in-store: Best Buy, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and Total Wine & More.

This is just in time for Memorial Day, It will be BYOP, bring your own pods. This will be legendary!

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