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You know 813 and 727. But what’s the 222 area code? Just a week after the GOOD news that a big ring of robo-callers had been shut down, now there’s a new scam the FCC has to warn you about.

It’s called the “one ring scam.” If you get a call and the caller hangs up before you get a chance to answer, check the area code. ABC Action News says if it’s a 222 area code caller, it’s probably trouble. That’s an area code that comes from Mauritania, a country in AFRICA! They’re hoping you’ll call back because calls to that area code can ring up big charges just like a 900 number.

So if you get one of these calls from a 222 area code, ignore it. Or better yet, block the number. If you get caught up in this scam, file a complaint with the FCC here. Here are three tips from the FCC:

– Don’t answer or return any calls from numbers you don’t recognize.
– Before calling unfamiliar numbers, check to see if the area code is international.
– If you do not make international calls, ask your phone company to block outgoing international calls on your line.