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It sucked to be Barry Briggs. While on a recent vacation here in Tampa bay, he contracted a flesh eating bacteria. Last month, Briggs, an Ohio resident, flew here to enjoy the sun, fun and boating off of Weedon Island. Upon returning to Ohio, he noticed some swelling on his foot, which got worse by the hour. Thirty-two hours later, he was undergoing emergency surgery.

Doctors say Briggs has necrotizing fascitis, or flesh-eating bacteria, or the nastiest, funkiest thing that has ever occurred since Satan was thrown from the heavens.

The bacteria was killing the tissue in his foot and leg at a rate of an inch an hour.

The CDC says necrotizing fasciitis is extremely rare and sucks as much as you think it does (I threw in that last part).
Cuts or scrapes are generally the culprit. They allow bacteria to enter the body.

Pinellas County resident Mike Walton also contracted the flesh-eating bacteria while fishing in the gulf very recently.

So for the record, clean and wrap your wounds, and if you spot any strange swelling or other symptoms, call your doctor immediately.

Source: Channel 8

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