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Check your yards and pools. Alligators are on the lookout for food and in need of some other animal instinct…

Cannot blame these alligators, they are just hungry and horny. We all can relate to these alligators at some point.

According to Florida Fish And Wildlife, the weather is getting warmer and the higher temperatures speed up the reptiles’ metabolism and make them hungrier. Expect to see more gators out in the open and on the prowl. Florida Fish and Wildlife said the creatures begin courting in April, then get busy mating in May and June.

You know what that means, warmer weather brings out the gators and the… you guessed it: mosquitoes.

I think the gators are great to see from a distance but don’t want them making a move in my home. Keep your eyes peeled especially if you have small children and pets. See ya later alligators…