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Looking for work? Don’t have a lot of experience yet on your resume? You’re not out of luck. With the job market in Tampa Bay quite strong, you have some good options according to Reddit users in the St. Petersburg forum. Here were the most popular suggestions when a user asked if there are any entry level jobs that pay around $14 an hour.

24-7 Intouch Tampa
They do customer service for companies like AirBnB and Lego, according to destrukkt.

The fulfillment center in Ruskin pays about $15 an hour according to Chauncy_Prime.

Medical marijuana dispensaries
yugehands says you have to have a clean drug test though!

Cashiers make about $14-15 according to PDNYFL

Tech Data
ronburgandyy2207 says they’re “always hiring” as long as you’re personable and have basic computer skills.